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October, 2010

Vegi’s at SIAL 2010

Kostas participated in the prestigious SIAL 2010 Exhibition, which was held from October, 17 to 21 in Nord Villepinte Exposition Center, Paris, France. SIAL is considered to be one of the largest exhibitions related to processed food industry.

Kostas booth was located in the huge USA pavilion in Hall 4 and we had displayed almost all of the Vegi’s products in the booth. Sampling of our Parathas, Khakhras, Samosas and Chai Latte pulled overwhelming crowd to our booth. People from many countries located in different continents of the world visited the booth. Vegi’s products were received high admirations from the guests and visitors for their taste and the values such as best quality of the products and appetizing appearance of the products when cooked. Importantly, Vegi’s products were specially praised for their health related values such as - Low on Oil Levels, Low on Trans Fats, Low on Saturated Fats and Low on Calories. Vegi’s products also received applauds for the creative as well as strong packagings.

As far as the business was concerned, many buyers from European countries, South American countries , African countries and from the down under countries (Australia & New Zealand) showed interest in distribution of Vegi’s products in their respective countries. And, now in a short period, Vegi’s is all set to cross the US boundaries to become a GLOBAL BRAND.

Throughout the 5 days of the Exhibition, Kostas’s enthusiastic marketing team was kept in full of activities in serving the business as well as the general visitors/guests.

For Kostas, it was a fulfilling event, in terms of business response, product taste appreciations, product quality appreciations and importantly overall satisfaction of the consumers . . . . who ultimately matters to us and to our supply chain as well.