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April, 2011

Launch of Vegi’s Tandoori Parathas

Vegi’s is the first ever brand to introduce Heart Healthy, Hand Crafted parathas baked in authentic tandoor.

Kostas is proud to announce a new category of Vegi’s stuffed Tandoori Parathas in frozen format in its product mix.

Vegi’s is the first brand in the world to introduce stuffed Tandoori Parathas in the frozen category. These Tandoori parathas are packed with some incredible features.

The greatest advantage of Vegi’s stuffed Tandoori Parathas is that they are baked in traditional Tandoor (Indian Clay Oven) and therefore does not require oil for baking. As a result Vegi’s stuffed Tandoori Parathas have low Saturated fat , 0% Trans fat and low cholesterol . Genuinely Heart Helathy.

• Chatpata Aloo (Spicy Potato),
• Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) and
• Chana Dal (Split Cheak Peas)

As per the philosophy at Kostas, all the ingredients used in the Vegi’s stuffed Tandoori Parathas are handpicked and posses highest standards. The Vegi’s stuffed Tandoori Parathas are manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants certified by many reputed quality standard bureaus and institutes for their equipments, machineries and processes.