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April, 2011

Launch of Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals

Yet another colorful feather in Vegi’s cap. Introducing Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals in frozen format.

Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals are interesting combinations of mildly spicy Indian curries and Aromatic Basmati Rice either seasoned with Jeera (Cumin seeds) or Mushrooms or Mutter (Peas). The recipes that are used in the Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals are most authentic and lip smacking and the meals are filling. Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals ready to eat, heat them up in a microwave oven for just for 5 minutes and your meals are ready.

The curries are very gently spiced and the bright colors of the curries are tempting and appetizing. The long grain aromatic and seasoned Basmati Rice adds a pleasing taste and the hot steaming combination becomes just irresistible.

The Basmati Rice used in in the Vegi’s Rice and Curry Meals is grown in the most fertile lands of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh of India, the region best known for cultivating and maturing the most authentic Basmati Rice for ages. The curries are developed on basis of the oldest recipes shared by some of the Punjabi & north Indian families, who have a well respected lineage of cooking the most traditional curries. Every ingredient that has gone in the curries have approved by the most senior ladies of these families. We have left no stone unturned to make all the Rice & Curry Meals taste not only the best but great and truly authentic.

Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals do NOT contain preservatives or MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate). The meals are provided in a microweavable tray.

At present, following varieties have been launched under Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals –

• Chana Dal Palak with Jeera Basmati Rice (Lentil & Spinach Curry with Cumin Basmati Rice)
• Kashmiri Rajma with Jeera Basmati Rice (Red Kidney Beans Curry with Cumin Basmati Rice)
• Paneer Masala with Mushroom Basmati Rice (Paneer (Cottage Cheese) curry with Mushroom Basmati Rice)
• Dal Makhni with Mushroom Basmati Rice (Black Lentil Curry with Mushroom Basmati Rice)
• Dal Tadka with Mutter Basmati Rice (Yellow Lentile Curry with Peas Basmati Rice)
• Mutter Paneer with Jeera Basmati Rice (Peas & Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Curry with Cumin Basmati Rice) and
• Pindi Chana Masala with Jeera Basmati Rice (Chickpea Curry with Cumin Basmati Rice)

As per the philosophy at Kostas, all the ingredients used in the Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals are handpicked and posses highest standards. The Vegi’s Rice & Curry Meals are manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants certified by many reputed quality standard bureaus and institutes for their equipments, machineries and processes.