Jeera Khakhara

(Cumin Seeds Wheat Crisps)

Jeera (Cumin Seeds) has a unique flavour which can not be compared with any of the spices. No surprise, our Jeera blended Khakhras are liked by all the family members. Apply condiments on the Jeera Khakharas and make interesting low calorie snack.

What is Khakhra?

Khakhras are the crisps made from either whole wheat or Millet (Bajra). Khakhras are crunchy and are known for their unique taste. Importantly, they are low cholesterol and low calorie snacks. To make Khakhara taste more interesting, you can sprinkle the Masala (blended spices) provided 'free' with the pack. You can also garnish Khakharas with chopped tomatoes, cucumber and onion. Various Chutneys can also be applied on khakhras to add taste. Vegi's Khakharas are not only popular with Gujaratis or Indians, they are fast catching up with non Indians too just because of their taste and low calories.


Wheat Flour, Iodized Salt, Palm Oil & Cumin Seeds.

Free Masla Sachet along with each pack.

Khakharas also available in : Chilli Coriander, Garlic, Garlic Millet (Bajra), Fenugreek Millet (Bajra) and Tangy Millet (Chatpata Bajra).
Mild Ready to Eat

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Jeera Khakhara

Wt / Pack
Wt / Case
Case Dimension
( LxWxH ) (Inches)
Case Cube
Jeera Khakhara 10 14.00 8.70 14.5 X 8.5 X 8 0.57 Ambient