About Us

Kostas international Inc. USA, manufactures 100% Natural frozen and ambient food products and markets them worldwide under Vegi's brand name.

We provide authentic and healthy food products to health conscious consumers and to achieve that, we use highest quality authentic ingredients in all of our products. For most of our products, we do not use added sugar, we do not use excessive fats or oils and we do not use chemical preservatives in manufacturing process. This practice ensures authentic taste and makes our products healthier. Vegi's products are manufactured and packed in the state of the art factories in strictest hygienic conditions. All Vegi's brand products are premium products and have maintained its standing as the premium brand in the USA in the Indian ethnic food products market since its introduction in 1996.

The first product introduced was Vegi's Tandoori Naan in 1996 followed by Roghani Naan (leavened flat breads) using the most authentic recipes. During these years, we were the first to introduce many authentic Indian flat breadsauch as shelf stable Roti, Chapati, Poori and an exclusive range of frozen Parathas (multi layered flat breads). Recently we have added frozen snacks category (Samosas, Kachoris, Spring Rolls, Batata Vada, and Khaman Dhokla), Vegi's Chai Latte - the instant tea premix in various flavors and Khakharas (roasted wheat crisps).

At Kostas International INC, we passionately search for authentic and exciting foods from the Indian subcontinent and then after our exhaustive research we develop authentic and exclusive recipe for our customers. Extremely talented chefs and technicians put in their best efforts to come up with these dishes. As a result, we are the leaders in introducing new and authentic products in the market.

Recently we have introduced our latest and very interesting range of Rice & Curry Meals and classical Dhaba style Tandoori Parathas in our frozen food product category. Both the products are made from highly nutritional and premium quality ingredients. Not to mention, all these new products also inherit the essential merits of Vegi's brand . . . healthy foods and authentic taste.

President's Views

We are happy to offer truly hygienic and nutritional Vegi's processed Food products. Our principal is simple, we provide food to our consumers that is as fresh and as hygienic as our home food. We make sure that the ingredients go in are of highest quality so that the consumers get consistent taste and experience every time they buy Vegi's products. And for these values, which we have created, maintained and are enhancing continuously, we have been able to gain the unflinching trust & support of the consumers for Vegi's brand.

We thank our USA consumers for making Vegi's a great success. We are now going on the global platform by associating ourselves with like minded partners for distribution of Vegi's products in different countries.

We firmly believe that 'Partnering with us' is synonymous with 'Partnering with progress'.

Thank you for your interest in Vegi's Home Style Gourmet Foods.

- Kirit Patel


“ Strive constantly, by continuous research and updating production & business processes, to make Vegi's food products more and more nutritional, hygienic, tasty and give the consumers consistent product experience along with added brand energizing values such as convenient packaging, variety of ingredients, flavors, types, sizes, weights & shapes.”